JSP Himalaya Batch-2

In 2012, the Second Himalaya group of the Jaimini Scholar Programme commenced. This session will end in 2016. 16 students are enrolled in this batch. The contact classes are being held in the Himalayas, at Bhim Tal, India. The Course Co-ordinator is Sarbani Rath. The Jaimini Scholars teaching this course are Sarbani Rath, B. Lakshmi Ramesh and Ajay Zharotia.

The contact classes for the first year were held during 21st June – 6th July 2012 at Bhim Tal.
The contact classes for the second year were held during 11th-28th July 2013 at Bhim Tal

List of Students, 2012

  1. Ajay Singh
  2. Balaji Sethuraman
  3. Bhanu Pinnamaneni
  4. Elna McKenzie
  5. Ignat Skoryh
  6. Katti Narahari
  7. Lale Durupinar
  8. Manoj Sharma
  9. Navnit J. Krishna
  10. Prithwiraj Bose
  11. Rosemary Innes-Jones
  12. Sangeeta Kota
  13. Sunil Kumar Biradar
  14. Tankut Dinc
  15. Vikas Srivastava
  16. Yamini Durvasula

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