The Promise

Bheeshma Oath by Raja Ravi Verma
  1. Attendance of the Himalaya Classes is compulsory every year. If for some unforeseen circumstances you cannot attend any of the JSP Years, you will need prior permission of the Course Director, Pt. Sanjay Rath to abstain from attending. In addition, you will have to take private skype or telephone classes with one of the three mentors or any assigned Jaimini Scholar to complete the days you missed. This may entail additional fees to be paid to such assigned mentor which will not be more than $25 per hour of private classes.
  2. You take an oath to keep the teachings a guarded secret and will not share them with anyone nor discuss with anyone who is not a Jaimini Scholar or a member of JSP.
  3. You promise to respect the Puri tradition and will be (a) complete vegetarian during the period of course in the Himalayas and also try to be vegetarian afterwards, (b) abstain from alcohol, drugs etc. (c) abstain from using bad words and calling names to people or individuals, (d) practise your mantras seriously and willingly (e) and be a good human being and a good jyotiṣa with compassion for all.
  4. You will not share your login details, access, handouts and JSP course materail with anyone.
  5. If I have found to have violated any of these promises, I maybe removed from the JSP Course

This is the solemn promise you make, failing which you will be required to part ways with the Jaimini Scholar Program. Please do not test the patience of your teachers/course director.