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Guṇa Avatāra

 Sanjay Rath  December 21, 2018

Complementary colors of guṇa avatāra

Tamas guṇa (nīla śaktī – kṛīṁ bīja) is of dark black color, therefore complementary Rudra is always of white color
Sattva guṇa (śrī śaktī – śrīṁ bīja) is of white color, therefore complementary Viṣṇu is always of dark black color
Rajas guṇa (bhū śaktī – hrīṁ bīja) is of blue color, therefore complementary Brahmā is always of yellow color

Whenever God is to be represented in three forms, the colors need to be black, white and yellow that will sustain sattva, subdue tamas and control the overactive rajas respectively.

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JSP2 Sutra 2.1.1-4

 Sanjay Rath  December 16, 2018

Longevity estimation is a very difficult task and we have to understand what exactly is meant by estimating the longevity and how is is linked to life itself – after all one derives from the other.

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2A Somanath Navamsa

 Sanjay Rath  December 14, 2018

The odd signs have their drekkāṇa and navāṁśa counted regularly from Aries, covering the odd signs. The even signs have their drekkāṇa and navāṁśa counted in the reverse from Pisces, covering the even signs

This is based on the varṇadā concept where the lagna or horā lagna in odd signs is counted from Aries, while in even signs the same is counted from Pisces. Somanāth drekkāṇa is used for ojas i.e. the life forces and procreative strength of Soma

Somanāth navāṁśa shows the direction of the same for spiritual awakening saṅnyāsa (or reverse for saṅsāra).

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Webinar Notes

 Sanjay Rath  November 26, 2018  0 Comments on Webinar Notes

Compiled by Sri Manoj Gupta

Additional notes from informal discussion ( 11-11-2018):

How to use this knowledge of Bhavat Bhavam ( hereinafter referred to as BB)
If the lagna Lord is in Lagna or 7H, then the B1 or B7 will lie in the first house, Karaka of which is moon. Moon rules salt water or Oceans. How will the Seed grow in an Ocean. It needs some stability, or prithvi element, to grow, i.e. Ganesha for stability. After the seed gathers the ground, again the native will go back to the 1H (moon).

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 Sanjay Rath  November 12, 2018

Sanskrit prosody or Chandas refers to one of the six Vedanga, or limbs of Vedic studies. It is also an important part of the mantra – sitting in the mouth. It is the poetic metre and verse as well as its study, the latter becomes the vedanga while the former is a mantra-part. This field of study was central to the composition of the Vedas, the scriptural canons of Vedic texts.

The Chandas, as developed by the Vedic schools, included both linear and non-linear systems.

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Yoga Āyus

 Sanjay Rath  October 1, 2018
Tsunami deaths

Among the three approaches of longevity Nitya (mathematical), Anitya (logical) and Yoga (combination) it is Yoga āyus which is accepted as supreme and dominates over the others.  Even if Nitya āyus shows great longevity through the mathematical calculation, if Yoga āyus shows dangerous ariṣṭa yogas then premature death can happen. Yet yoga āyus is neither adequate nor precise enough to make longevity estimates. It needs to be supported by the other two approaches for a sufficiently accurate prediction.
Common Sense
The astrologer needs to be wise to use this approach.

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Aṁśa Āyurdaya Assignment

 Sanjay Rath  September 28, 2018

We have seen three illustrations of aṁśaka āyurdaya of Rajiv Gandhi, Adolf Hitler and Mahatma Gandhi where (a) the lagneśa was in Lagna or 7th bhāva rendering the lagna extremely strong and (b) lagneśa is associated with a lord of trine (5th Lord Jup for Rajiv Gandhi, 9th Lord Mercury for Adolf Hitler and Mahatma Gandhi) and (c) lagneśa is also in kendra or koṇa from Moon

If standard rules of strength apply, then both Rajiv Gandhi and Mahatma Gandhi have very powerful lagna conjoined three or four graha (as per second source of strength and further rules of democracy

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Aṁśaka#3 Mahatma Gandhi

 Sanjay Rath  September 28, 2018

Illustration #3: Mahatma Gandhi
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi; 2nd October 1869; 7.30 AM;

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Aṁśaka#2 Adolf Hitler

 Sanjay Rath  September 28, 2018

Illustration: Adolf Hitler

Bharaṇa (increase)

Sun is exalted, and Venus is retrograde showing tripling of longevity [multiply by3].
Mars in Aries rāśi, Rāhu in Aquarius drekkāṇa show doubling of longevity [multiply by 2].

Haraṇa (decrease)

CAH: Saturn a natural malefic in 10th house suffers 1/3 loss of longevity while Rāhu in 9th house suffers 1/4 loss of longevity. Four planets are in 7th house and we choose ātmakāraka Venus as the strongest, just as we did in the case of Rajiv Gandhi when we choose Mercury over Venus as it was ātmakāraka.

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Aṁśaka#1 Rajiv Gandhi

 Sanjay Rath  September 28, 2018

Illustration: Rajiv Gandhi

Rajiv Gandh1, 20th August 1944; 7.11′.28″ AM; Mumbai, India

Lagna 4s 14°41′ 58″ = 138.6994 degrees = 138.6994×60 min = 8081.967 … [A]
Divide by 200′ (nakṣatra span) = A ÷ 200 = 8081.967 ÷ 200 = 40.4098 … [B]
Expunge multiples of 12 = 40.4098 – (12 x 3) = 40.4098 – 36 = 4.4098 …