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    Sanjay Rath
    Sanjay Rath

    I hope you can access this forum as this is a ‘Members Only’ forum. It is primarily meant for JSP Year-1 discussions. Like most of you I too am a Jaimini Scholar of an old batch …feels like a Vrddha.

    At least many of you understand why I kept saying I am an old man – hint. it means ‘Vrddha’

    Please feel free to mention any videos that do not play in the JSP Year-1 Page


    Please Create a New Topic in this form for any video that’s not playing for whatever reason and I will have to remake the same and upload it for you. These are very old recordings and technology is changing.

    I intend to convert everything into pure video for the future …sometime in future

    aswini kumar
    aswini kumar

    om gurave namah


    not able to  access







    Sanjay Rath

    Done Aswini. Please check and see that you have all the access

    aswini kumar
    aswini kumar

    jay jagannath

    Pranam Guruji,

    when trying to open the recordings, i am receiving the same  msg..

    ” Oops! Wrong Membership Level You do not have the correct privileges to access this content. Please upgrade your membership level in order to access this content.”




    manoj sharma

    Jai Maa

    Pranam Guru ji

    i am also not able to access the content.




    Worked fine before, but now I see: “Oops! Wrong Membership Level. You do not have the correct privileges to access this content. Please upgrade your membership level in order to access this content.” for every lesson. I can see the list of lessons though.

    Om Gurave Namah!


    Om Gurave Namah,

    Same for me also.

    Lale Dinç

    Sunilkumar Biradar
    Sunilkumar Biradar

    Jai Somnath

    Dear Gurudevji


    Hope you are fine? Please take care of your self.

    I tried to access uploaded Videos but unable to access them ,error “Oops! Wrong Membership Level
    You do not have the correct privileges to access this content. Please upgrade your membership level in order to access this content.”

    This is for your information.







    Sanjay Rath

    Sorry for the mess created by the plugin. I have deleted all ‘levels’ and have just one JS Level. Please check and let me know.


    manoj sharma

    Jai maa

    Guru ji


    The problem is still there.


    aswini kumar
    aswini kumar

    Jay Jagannath

    Pranam Guruji,

    Hope you are recovering well.
    Guruji, still after one month, i could not able to access the 1st year contents from this site. Is this site/ this forum is closed for us ? Guruji one thing i want to share with you. i need this 1st year lectures desperately, because in 1st year,it’s like a high voltage transmission for me at that time and i couldn’t able to cope with that so not able to made proper class notes. It seems a impossible task for me now when i am trying to recall these after 10 years. so i humbly requesting you to please grant me access to listen these audios so that i could make proper notes. i don’t require parashara recordings not other years of jaimini recordings because i have complete notes of these classes. when i open the Parashara notes it’s like you are standing in front of me and teaching. Every single word you had uttered in the parashara class is completely copied on my notes. similarly the rest years of Jaimini classes, whatever Sarbani mam uttered, are fully copied by me. So i don’t need those recordings. but for 1st year i have only 27 page notes against more that 30 contact days class, that too taken in pencil at that time.

    hope you understand my situation.


    Aswini Kumar Mohapatra


    rahul jitwan

    Respected Sir,

    I’m having an issue regarding completing registration process at http://srijagannath.org

    I completed the process, but couldn’t got any confirmation email, due to which I’m not able to get into the site.

    my username is minni

    email: rahujitu@yahoo.co.in

    Please help


Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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