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Visti Larsen
Jaimini Scholar, Head of Jaimini Scholar Program
The Jaimini Scholar Program is a detailed study of the classical Sanskrit book titled “Maharishi Jaimini krta Upadesha Sutra”. You should get a copy of this book translated by Pt. Sanjay Rath for your study and reference. This book has four Adhyaya which is taught in the JSP roughly mapping each adhyaya to an academic year. However the third adhyaya is too large to be compressed into one academic year and is split into JSP Year-3A and JSP Year-3B. Accordingly it takes five years to complete the study of the Upadesha Sutra. But that is only the beginning of a period of change where the sutra start growing and altering the way you perceive and see things – not just jyotish charts.


In addition to direct learning from the Mentor you are required to study the online slides and material of the Jaimini Scholar Program which is available at http://jaiminisutra.com website. Such a study is necessary for the purpose of Certification. However, if you are not interested in Certification, you need not avail of this online study material. The website is maintained by Mr. Visti Larsen (visti@srigaruda.com) who is the Head of the Jaimini Scholar Program

However, for Jaimini India students the material will be provided in this website for online study.

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